The process of selling a business can be a very productive and rewarding experience. Sahara Business Brokers goes the extra mile to ensure that its clients reach their goals.

The main thing to first do to sell your business successfully are to determine the best price range for your business and how to structure the sale best to benefit you, and to prepare your business for sale in a way that makes the business financially attractive. You can base the price on the value of the business's assets, and also the goodwill the business has developed. If you are thinking of selling, consider the process below to make transaction go smoothly.

Sahara Business Brokers will help you with the process and planning you'll need to do before you put your business on market for sale. We will assist you in preparing a portfolio for the buyers. This portfolio contains a detailed description of the business, the tax returns, the statement of seller's discretionary income and adjusted balance sheet you've already pulled together, and all contracts that will pertain to the future operation of the business. Sahara Business Broker will help you locate and find qualified buyers for your business.


Business Abstract (e-form)
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